The Hacienda Labor de Rivera holds a long history within the limits of its territory, about the back and forth its owners have had to endure in order to strengthen its foundations in the agricultural, mining and farming economies from the times of “New Spain”.


In its big house families have grown up, and the actions of these women and men have left a print on its history. At the same time, different historic realities made their mark on the territory after the Spanish conquista and Virreinato, including the War of Independence, the Mexican Revolution, Cardinalism and also the modern Mexico. In this Hacienda, protagonists of many important families have lived, characters that have enriched La Labor, as well as some others that unfortunately bankrupted the Hacienda for many decades.

It’s beginnings started around 16th C, with its territory determination within Tepechitlan village now known as Teuchitlán. From that time, the fields in the region were used for agriculture activities which made the haciendas the main source of work during Colonial times. Such activities lasted until the last quarter of the 20th C century.